Samstag, 15. Oktober 2011


Hand finished headwear of highest quality. Where do you still find that?!?
In Vienna, Austria.

Now in the fourth generation, Klaus Mühlbauer is leading the brand "Mühlbauer Hutmanufaktur seit 1903" back to its roots and in doing so, conquered the international market (see collage below).
By the way the collections are not only for women - they are also for men!

The production concentrates on hand-finishing, machines are only used for support.
  1. Starting point for felt hat production is a fur felt cone, a compactly felted cone-shaped fabric. 
  2. In order to make the hat stable and weather resistant, the felt cone is soaked in a stiffening solution and then wrung out.  
  3. The had mould is prepared. 
  4. The damp felt cone is steamed under a bell in order to become stretchable and mouldable. It is removed from the seaming bell and stretched while still hot.
  5. The still hot and stretched felt hood is pulled onto a hat block and fixed tightly.
  6. The felt hood is now dried in a special oven at 70°C for approx. 2-3 hours.
  7. Finishing refers to the surface treatment of the shaped hat. In detail the hats are brushed, ironed, steamed and dried.
  8. The blocked and sanded hat now moves on to the millinery department. Here it receives its final polish.

I bought myself a fur cap called CP624 NINA bonnet feh. I love its design!

No matter if it's a hat, a cap or something else, I can only tell you - buy anyone!
You won't regret!

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